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Product Disclaimer



Efflorescence  or ‘lime bloom’ is a naturally accruing phenomenon, which can sometimes occur in concrete or natural paving products due to the use of naturally sourced materials, The phenomenon may have the appearance of a white milky bloom on the surface of the product and an apparent loss of intensity of colour and texture may occur, This can detract from the looks of a new pavement, but is important to understand that no matter how bad it may seems to look it is in no way detrimental to the strength, durability or performance of the products, Different paving  products can also react to concrete, aggregates and mortars that they are laid on,

Efflorescence is a phenomenon that in time will gradually fade away , this can be days ,weeks ,months or even years depending on the ground  and light conditions,

There are products on the market to help remove this but simply washing with warm soapy water will in time usually achieve the same results at a fare cheaper cost


The pictures and textures shown on this web site is a representation of colour and texture of all products which can vary from pack to pack, When laying multiple packs please ensure that all packs are mixed together to give a uniform texture and colour, Natural Sandstone paving can have smooth and also have deep riven affects in the slabs, they are also hand cut so the edges can be quite jagged which is perfectly normal for this type of slab, Natural Sandstone may change colour after laying which is caused by natural minerals dissipating from the product, This is a normal process in the product and will after time settle down, Colour can not be guaranteed to be the same as broached or showroom sample because of being a natural product , 

All hard landscaping products are manufactured from natural materials and colour and texture variations  may occur, Colour and consistency cannot therefore be guaranteed and this websites pictures are as accurate as displays on different devices can show,


Darker patches may be present on some paving due to different drying times but will disappear over time, This is a result or the paver surface being cured at different rates and is no way detrimental to the strength, durability or performance of the paving, The laying of paving on concrete or other sub bases can also affect the paving and cause marks to leach through to the surface of the paving.


In the unlikely event that the product reaches you in less than satisfactory condition, please contact us within 2 hours from time of delivery for us to then assess the problem,

Our contact numbers is 01502 574996 or 07941 052649

Please not that if any products are knowingly laid with any defects apparent prior to laying then we reserve the right not to replace the product and will not accept responsibility for the costs incurred for replacing or rectifying the problem, If you are at all unsure or not satisfied with any of our products DONOT unpack or lay any of the products as this will void all warranties,

PW waters Ltd recommends that all paving should be laid by either professional contractors or those who are experienced in DIY and have knowledge to correctly lay paving as per paving manufactures instructions and recommendations

Any paving that has been laid incorrectly or laid on any unstable or unsuitable ground will void any warranty,

Products that have been damaged or broken as a result of removing from crates, pallets or other packaging incorrectly will void all warranty of that product


We would recommend that you take extreme care when dealing with all products as many are heavy and awkward in shape to lift and we recommend that suitable lifting equipment is used, It is not recommended to stack crates or pallets on top of each other as there is a risk of collapse,

Appropriate protective clothing should be worn at all times and health and safety legislations’ should be adhered to when working with all products,

Warning to all handling of ready-mix concrete, fresh concrete can cause alkali burns, Waterproof protective clothing should be worn at all times when handling it, Where skin contact occurs either directly or through saturated clothing the concrete should be washed off quickly, Where eye contact occurs the eye must be immediately and thoroughly irrigated with clean water and medical advice taken 

When cutting any products with chisels or rotary disc cutters it is essential that suitable eye and respiratory protection is worn to avoid damage to eyes and the inhalation of dust particles

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are comply with all applicable health and safety legislation and guidelines to protect yourself and others

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